Out Of Gas In Dublin, DJ Gets Hail Mary Lift From Derek Carr

DUBLIN, CA — A Bay Area DJ who ran out of gas in Dublin this week got a lift to a Tri-Valley gas station thanks to a very well-known good Samaritan. Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr stopped to help Ron Reeser, who was stranded on the side of Tassajara Road, after Reeser’s car ran out of gas Tuesday.

Reeser said he got out of his car and a black Denali pulled up next to him and the driver asked if he he was OK. The man offered Reeser a ride, and although he was hesitant to take help from a stranger, he accepted. The two chatted about their jobs as the man drove Reeser to a nearby gas station. During the discussion, the man told Reeser he played football. On the way back, Reeser asked the man his name, and he replied, “Derek Carr.”

When Carr brought Reeser back to his car, the two prayed together.

Reeser, a Dublin resident, thanked Carr by Twitter later that day.

“Not only was that experience surreal, I will always remember that for the rest of my life,” Reeser said via social media. “The universe works in mysterious ways, we just have to keep the faith. I’m a firm believer in someone’s energy and encourage all of you to try and stay positive no matter what situation you’re going through and most importantly pay it forward when you can.”